Nissen Silver Welder’s Pencils

Nissen Silver Welder’s Pencils



Product Description

The Nissen silver welder’s pencil is tailor made for fine line layout work on all metals. Welders love them for marking weld areas as well as cutting areas. The markings can withstand extreme heat and will stay in place under all types of handling. The markings of the Nissen welder’s pencil will remain visible during the welding process so you always know exactly where you are in the process. From hot rolled steel to mild steel fabrication where metals may vary from light to very dark, the Nissen welder’s pencil will get the job done.

Welder’s Pencils by Nissen Markers

When metal fabricators are in the cutting process, the Nissen silver welder’s pencil provides the type of fine line markings that are highly visible and highly accurate. When you are working with highly reflective surfaces like aluminum or stainless steel, utilize the Nissen Carpenters Style Red Pencil to ensure that the line shows up under all conditions. If you utilize a welder’s pencil in your work, you use it every day and often. That’s why Nissen Markers keeps the price low and provides them in a variety of package quantities to suit your needs.


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