Nissen Railroad Chalk

Nissen Railroad Chalk


Railroad Chalk will make large temporary marks on metal, wood, rubber, plastic, concrete, paper, textiles, cardboard, etc. Packed 144 per box.

white-swatch $33.27
yellow-swatch $33.27
red-swatch $33.27
blue-swatch $33.27
green-swatch $33.27

Product Description

Manufacturing, processing, fabrication, forestry, construction and other industrial environments utilize Nissen Railroad chalk for temporary marking of a wide variety of materials. Our railroad chalk resists crumbing while providing clear and legible markings on materials such as metals, lumber, rubberized materials, a wide variety of plastics, concrete, paper, cardboard, textiles and more. With a one-inch circumference and a four-inch tapered length, our railroad chalk will fit into any standard railroad chalk holder available. Choose from a variety of five colors that come in a box of 144.

  • Large 4 in. X 1 in. tapered shape.
  • Special Industrial Grade to resist crumbling.
  • Available in 5 high-visibility colors.
  • Packed 144 pieces per box

Available Colors: White, Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow


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