Low Chloride Solid Paint (1/2″)


white-swatch $6.16
yellow-swatch $6.16
black-swatch $6.16
red-swatch $6.16

Product Description

The Nissen Low Chloride Solid Paint is specifically designed to safely mark metals which are attacked by halogens and low melting point metallics. They will not impart contaminants that could cause cracking or weakening of the metals, especially with heat applications, such as welding or cutting.

  • Paint will not corrode the base material
  • Marks on rough or smooth, wet, oily, or dry surfaces
  • Marks will withstand heat and weathering: they won’t chip peel fade, or rub off
  • Cured marks will withstand temperatures in excess of 400°F/200°C
  • Available in 4 bright high visibility colors

Available Colors: White, Yellow, Black, and Red



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