Nissen Solid Paint Markers

In industrial, manufacturing, and fabricating environments, paint markers must have permanence on bare metals. Nissen Solid Paint Markers bring the same permanence to a wide variety of both porous and non-porous materials, including plastic, glass, wood, cardboard, textiles and more. You can also find Nissen Solid Markers that are temporary and that can be removed from non-porous materials when the need calls for it. While every Nissen Solid Markers are designed to provide a highly legible mark on a variety of surfaces and surface conditions including high temperature, some models can stand up to temperatures as high as 1600ºF.

Solid Markers For Any Application

Nissen Solid Markers are made for durability and convenience so even multiple solid paint makers can be carried conveniently whether it is loose in a pocket or in a box configuration without fear of bleed or rupture. Available in a variety of colors and line mark thicknesses, you can rest assured that all of the solid paint makers from Nissen will never chip, peel, fade or rub off regardless of the material, weather or surface condition.

From metal fabrication to a wide variety of porous and non-porous surface materials, Nissen Solid Markers are known throughout every industrial and manufacturing environment for quality and durability that is as high as their prices are low.

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