Nissen Marking Kits

Industrial, manufacturing, and fabrication shop environments have a constant need for marking and scribing metal and other surfaces for a variety of processes, including cut and shear marks, hole punch and laser cut identification, welding guidelines/identification, and many more. Nissen Marking Kits provide the tools ranging from paint markers of various tip line widths as well as other essential tools such as soapstone and soapstone holders, scribes, and magnets.

Marking Kits By Nissen Markers

Nissen Markers makes a variety of marking kits that are designed to work in environments where metal and other materials require marking identification for an endless number of processes. While all of the markers in these kits have strong and easy flow felt tips, you can choose from fine line, medium and wide widths to fit your needs. Many of these marking kits include both permanent and temporary marking capability to suit the present need while fitting into a convenient included carry case to accommodate a variety of marking tasks on-the-go that can change from piece to piece and minute to minute.

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