Nissen Ball Point Metal Markers

No matter what the industrial environment or application, our diverse line of Ball Point Metal Markers are built to perform without fail. Everyone from design, testing and modeling/mockup to manufacturing, production, assembly and salvage environments utilize the ball point marker as a vital tool in their daily processes. Metal markers need to work on a variety of material surfaces that range from new to rusty to greasy.

Ball Point Markers: Ideal for Many Surfaces

In the highly variable industrial environment, the ideal ball point marker allows you to move from metal surfaces to glass, plastic, ceramic and even wood surfaces without fail. Consequently, they rely on Nissen Ball Point Metal Markers because their industrial environment regularly requires markup of all of these surfaces.

From fine to more pronounced line thickness with hardened stainless steel points and unbreakable aluminum barrels that provide a smooth, no-clog flow, our full line of Nissen Ball Point Markers are made to work in fast paced, extreme environments that go from low to high temperatures. When you pull it out of your pocket on the job, you know that it will perform permanently, flawlessly and effortlessly just as you’d expect.

Browse our different styles of Nissen Ball Point Markers for metal production to find just the right marker for your needs—all at low prices from our huge stock of metal paint markers.

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