Nissen Paint Markers for Wood

Lumber and formed wood pulp products are utilized in a wide variety of industries ranging from construction and furniture making to product development, paper and cardboard manufacturing as well as a host of other industries. All of these manufacturing and product development environments rely on markers for wood at all stages of manufacturing. Our Paint Markers meet the need of an always porous material that is often moving through a humid harvesting or industrial environment. Paint Markers for wood as well as our line of lumber crayons and felt tip markers meet the needs at every product development stage for marking of lot numbers, pallet numbers, part identification and much more.

Paint Markers for Wood

Like all of the wide variety of Nissen Markers, our markers for wood are clear and non-bleeding on a variety of surfaces in addition to wood such as metal, glass, textiles and more. They work flawlessly on a variety of surface conditions as well as in a variety of environments.

When you need markers for wood, the last thing you need is to run dry in the middle of a long production or QC run. All of our Markers for wood have an exceptionally long life, and whether you choose paint makers for wood, felt tip markers, or lumber crayons, you can rest assured the color from the markers will end up on the intended surface and not in your pockets. Choose from a variety of lead-free colors with a number of fluorescent markers for wood available to meet your needs—all at a low price.

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