Nissen Paint Markers for Plastic Applications

Plastics of all types are used in an almost infinite number of industrial, manufacturing and fabrication environments. In addition to different plastic types, these environments often use multiple materials such as wood, metal, stone, rubber and paper. The list can go on from there to include glass, textiles and aluminum among others.

Versatile Markers for Plastic

Markers for plastic must often be able to work double or triple duty when it comes to identification marks. Nissen markers for plastic are made to be versatile so that they will work on a variety of other materials in almost any environment. You will also find a great selection of railroad chalk and lumber crayons in bright color palettes that also work on plastic and a variety of other materials where temporary marking is essential. From paint sticks to felt tips in a variety of widths to fit the project, and even fluorescent markers, Nissen makes the marker to fit your needs.

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