Glass Paint Markers for Ceramic & Glass Applications

Working with ceramics and glass in industrial, manufacturing, fabrication, and product development environments requires specialized tools for markup and tracking of parts, samples and production assembly notes. Nissen glass paint markers can more than fill the bill with a range of markers that can tackle a variety of materials, environments and surface attributes. Versatility, permanence and convenience are always defining points with Nissen Markers. This is true in every model ranging from the King Felt Tip Paint Marker with its high gloss enamel paint that works equally well on metal, plastic, glass, wood, cardboard, leather, textiles, and more to the Nissen Ball Point Markers designed for metal, glass and ceramics.

Glass Paint Markers Designed for All Applications

From broad and bold to fine line tip—all in a variety of colors with some including fluorescent and ultraviolet visibility attributes—Nissen Glass Paint Markers for ceramic and glass applications are designed to work on surfaces that are porous or non-porous; rough or smooth; as well as wet, oily or dry. Extreme temperatures and wet weather are also no problem for the Nissen line of markers for ceramic applications, so the environment can be as varied as the materials. Browse our selection of Nissen Glass Paint Markers for glass and ceramic applications to find the right marker for your needs at a low price.

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