Cold Weather Welding Tips- Nissen Markers

Cold Weather Welding Tips

For most of us, when the temperature has dropped this time of year, working in the chilly or even frigid air can be a challenge, sometimes bringing on unforeseen problems. Often, questions arise about the best way to handle these extreme weather conditions when working on an outdoor welding project. Here are a couple of […]

AWS Foundation: Robert G. and Annette H. Pali Scholarship

The American Welding Society Foundation offers national scholarships for students who are pursuing a specific degree from an accredited trade school, two-year or four-year college or university. Our CEO at Nissen Markers Bob Pali, and his wife Annette, are sponsoring a $2,500 scholarship to be granted to a student pursing his/her bachelor’s degree in engineering, […]

8 Facts About Metal You May Not Have Known

From the buildings we live and work in, to most objects we use on a daily basis, metal fabrication is used in all aspects of our lives. In fact, over 50% of all our products require some sort of metal fabrication. But for those who aren’t within the metal fabrication industry, the importance and our […]

Nissen Markers Creations of 2016

Nissen Markers Creations of 2016

For Nissen Markers, 2016 has been a year of new ventures, new products and most importantly new connections. For us, the highlight for the year has been seeing the creations are awesome, loyal users have made and making connections across different industries, which we know is along the beginning. As an a way to show […]

Nissen Markers Featured on “You Need This Tool”

  Thank you to Kyle Voss host of “It’s Friday Fool, You Need This Tool” video blog by for including our paint marker in his recent video! If you have yet to check out his YouTube channel, you’re missing out! Just about every Friday Kyle reviews a tool that he uses in his shop. […]

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