Jumbo Solid Paint Markers

Solid Paint Marker Jumbo App

Smooth writing Nissen Solid Paint Markers make marking smooth, fast and easy. The markers are solid sticks of paint protected by an unbreakable plastic case. They can be conveniently and cleanly carried in your pocket. The plastic case prevents the paint from drying out so it always writes easily and smoothly. The case also allows you to use the entire stick without needing a separate holder.

Marks on metal, wood, plastic, glass, cardboard, textiles, etc.
Writes on any surface: rough or smooth; wet, oily or dry. Even marks under water.
Marks won’t run.
Marks are permanent; they won’t chip, peel, fade or rub-off. They withstand heat and weathering under adverse conditions.
If desired, marks can be removed from non-porous surfaces with standard industrial solvents.
Available in 4 fast-drying, lead-free colors.
Available in Standard (approximately 5/16 in. wide line) and Jumbo (approximately 1/2 in. wide line) versions.

Color Part Number Price  
White SPWHJ 00310 Price: $5.98
Yellow SPYEJ 00311 Price: $5.98
Red SPREJ 00312 Price: $5.98
Black SPBKJ 00313 Price: $5.98
Blue SPBUJ 00314 Price: $5.98
Green SPGNJ 00315 Price: $5.98
Orange SPORJ 00320 Price: $5.98
Purple SPPUJ 00316 Price: $5.98
Silver SPSIS 00317 Price: $5.98
Fluorescent Orange SPFOJ 00318 Price: $5.98
Fluorescent Yellow SPFYS 00309 Price: $5.98