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Junior metal marker
Junior Metal Markers

The Nissen Super Fine Metal Marker uses an unbreakable plastic tube filled with paint and features a precision stainless steel needle tip for precise...

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Metal markers intended for use on stainless steel have specific requirements in order to prevent any cracks in the metal or the possibility of introducing weaknesses. Nissen Stainless Steel Markers are made to meet the highest regulatory standards for having the very lowest traces of halogens, sulphurs, and low melting metals that can lead to these problems. Our low chloride stainless steel markers come in a variety of colors and point sizes to fit the application need. High heat, as well as oily, rough or smooth surfaces can all be marked effectively without fail. Whether you choose a felt tip or stainless steel tip model, you get the same great precision, paint flow, and durability that Nissen Paint Markers are known for around the world. Buy Nissen stainless steel markers at low prices from our huge stock of marking products. To place an order, please call (215) 886-2025 or visit us online today!